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This week, we all took time to express our thanks for our family, friends, health and other blessings. Many of us felt so much gratitude that we proclaimed it publicly to one another around the Thanksgiving dinner table, via text and on social media. Now, we will move into a month long race of shopping, parties, client gift giving, and offices filled with holiday goodies given generously by our friends, partners and customers.

I know this will sound trite, because we as direct marketers have become such a cynical tribe, but what if those of us who earn a living serving the charitable community did less spending, and more literal giving?  In 2014, the largest source of charitable giving came from individuals, 72%, while corporations gave a mere 5%.

Our industry has first hand experience seeing the difference that individual donations make to those in need. Knowing that, why do so few of us donate our business’s time and money?

Two weeks ago, Nexus Direct celebrated our 12th consecutive year donating our time and money to Edmarc Hospice for Children attempting to help these families during Thanksgiving, and during what is likely the most difficult time of their lives. Our team looks forward to shopping for, assembling and delivering large baskets of food for the families whose children are served by Edmarc, every Thanksgiving.

Last year, we began our annual tradition of providing support to Kiva, a non-profit that provides micro loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.  Our donation was put towards a variety of loans and after being paid back by the borrowers, has now been doubled, allowing us to continue to provide twice as many loans!

Throughout the year, Nexus Direct is active in volunteering and donating to a variety of causes, whether we are supporting charity events, cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay or feeding the hungry.

With every donation and every volunteer activity, we are told that our efforts are part of the minority. How could this be? We simply cannot imagine NOT giving back to our community and helping those in need. There are thousands of agencies, consultants and service providers who make a living serving these groups, so can you imagine the difference we could make if every single one of us played a part?

Our expertise in the fundraising sector can be transformational when deployed through our clients’ fundraising programs. Let’s make a commitment, as successful entrepreneurs and businesses, to put our money and time where our expertise is, and make a personal impact.

I challenge every business serving the charity sector to give at least 5% of their profits, in time and financial donations, back to your community and to those in need.

Let’s turn the next 30 days back into an authentic “season of giving”, in place of a 30-day marathon of shopping, wrapping and posting pics of our favorite gifts on social media!


By: Suzanne Cole Nowers