Integrated Messaging & Creative

There are no borders drawn around our departments here at Nexus, and our in-house Creative team is a prime example of this concept. Composed of expert designers, web developers, and innovative strategists, each member of our Creative team approaches every project with a deep analytical perspective, enabling them to optimize the user experience across all channels.  

Nothing is impossible when you look at it with a creative lens.

Creative Services Solutions


Creative and Messaging Audits

Every audit begins with our team examining all available data. This allows us to analyze your organization’s current creative and messaging with each donor in mind, keeping their journey from open to conversion at the forefront of our strategy. We thoroughly break down the “who,” the “how,” and the “why” of all existing communication, before developing and presenting a creative strategy optimized for each channel.  

User Experience (UX) Design

Just like every aspect of creative strategy, we start with the “Who,” creating personas from your customer base, and customizing their journey through every communication on every channel. We specialize in journey mapping, mapping from sign-up to conversion, based not only on the communication from your organization, but also on the customer’s communication back. Our focus is on how each individual customer opens a letter, clicks through an email, watches your ads, etc. This knowledge allows our creative team to develop the proper creative and messaging strategy to optimize your organization’s communications, thereby increasing donor retention, lead generation, and ROI.


Direct Mail Design & Copywriting

We prefer to think of our direct mail pieces as a conversation with somebody we know and understand, because we do. Whether through newsletters, campaigns with multiple touchpoints, or full comprehensive packages, we optimize your budget to communicate with each specific audience in a way that maximizes your fundraising goals.  We strategize and execute each project through a personalized, fully integrated approach that amplifies your reach, all while remaining on brand.

Interactive Digital Experiences

Ah, the marriage of technology and art. Through utilizing interactive content we are able to transform the traditional approach to fundraising. Staying ahead of the curve, we push to communicate across multiple digital platforms, which allows the Creative team to flex their creativity in new ways daily. Specializing in kinetic emails, form strategy and progressive profiling, we strategize with a focus on always learning more about your organization’s audience, whether they are donors, members, ticket buyers or event participants. We do this so there is no future opportunity missed in communicating with them.


Dynamic Web Design and Development

Our developers are more than just “techies,” they’re “Nexies,” so they come loaded with the technical capabilities and the creativity needed to develop our most innovative designs. Working closely with our Digital team in building full websites, microsites and landing pages that integrate into what we call the “surround sound” effect, our developers help to complete the seamless donor experience we aim for, time and time again. 

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