Increase in gross income via a single campaign


Increase in Cost Per Euro raised


Increase in net revenue compared to 2018

Creating A Surround Sound Effect To Maximize Results

CMRF Crumlin, located in Dublin, Ireland, provides vital funding for CHI at Crumlin and The National Children’s Research Centre to enable little patients to have the best possible outcomes. Through world-class research, equipment and treatment plans, CMRF ensures that each patient gets the best possible care and another chance at life.



Due to recent regulations in Europe concerning donor consent, CMRF’s file of active, contactable supporters was shrinking, requiring them to reach further into less-tested segments in an attempt to meet or exceed their revenue from prior years. And, because a large percentage of these donors had been acquired via restricted asks, many had not been converted to unrestricted giving before prime fundraising season.



After an analysis of CMRF’s program, Nexus Direct identified times of the year when donors were more likely to respond – and sub-segments within their file that were more likely to engage than others, which hadn’t before been identified. We also recognized that CMRF’s digital communication had been limited to date, and it was likely that a majority of donors were web responsive. This led to an integrated approach that kept the organization and the children they support, top of mind, regardless of channel.



Nexus Direct utilized successful tactics from similar, but restricted, campaigns to optimize results for an unrestricted ask, while introducing new messaging and creative to pique the donors’ interest. We then retargeted donors online, including pre- and post-DM emails, as well as ad placements on popular social platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Individuals not receiving the DM pieces were exposed to different campaign messaging, via videos, social ads, and CMRF’s website, creating a true “surround sound” effect across all channels.

Working with Nexus Direct has changed the way we approach fundraising and marketing at CMRF Crumlin, for the better. The Nexus team has expertise in social and digital media strategy, campaign planning and execution, and data analysis and insight and every member is generous and helpful with their time, knowledge and experience. The immediate and direct result for CMRF has been improved fundraising results, team learning and knowledge, and a new ability to make plans and strategies based on insight and analysis. Nexus Direct go above and beyond for their partners, and this service and pursuit of excellence doesn’t fade over time. From day one, Nexus Direct has been fully invested in our mission and goals and remain as passionate as the CMRF team to change sick children’s lives for generations to come.

Director of Fundraising and Communications, CMRF Crumlin