total overall retention increase after 6 months

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Client: Marines’ Memorial Association

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Nexus Solutions Used:
Campaign Planning and Execution, Messaging and Creative

Revamping a Renewal Program to Increase Retention

The Marines Memorial exists to honor the legacy of military service through a Living Memorial and programs that Commemorate, Educate and Serve. This is accomplished through both philanthropic efforts and their Association, which is open to veterans of all services and all eras.



Nexus Direct had a successful track record working with Marines’ Memorial Foundation to help with their philanthropic efforts when the Association asked us to assist with their membership renewal program. At the time, attrition for their membership program had been increasing year over year.



Utilizing details from informative market research we had facilitated, as well as a full review of their current program and results, Nexus Direct completely revamped the renewal program, deploying a multi-channel approach that was both cost-effective and successful in increasing renewals.



Nexus Direct created a new approach, using digital as the first and last touchpoint. This creative approach also introduced both a genuine letter and a post card reminder to make sure members didn’t accidentally discard their renewal notice. Additionally, as someone progressed through the renewal series, the sense of urgency became more prominent.