Audience Strategy & Data Analysis

All of our direct response campaigns are driven by data — so that’s where every strategy begins and ends. Amidst a blizzard of numbers, our data experts know how to find the actionable data — the trends, the underperforming segments, the missed opportunities that inform strategy, messaging, creative, execution, and most importantly, results.  

You might say that we’re obsessed with data — and you’d be right.

Data Solutions



NexieBase is our proprietary, licensed, in-house database that hosts over 200 million individual records with over 400 demographic and psychographic data points. By modeling your data against NexieBase, we’re able to provide Nexus Direct clients with a level of in-house data analysis typically only found through a third-party transaction.

NexieBase allows us to benchmark your file, providing you with a view of your donor, member, ticket buyer or customer base that you have likely not seen before. With NexieBase, we can be more strategic in targeting the highest-performing segments of your file and in uncovering previously untapped segments that have the highest potential, both for immediate results and lifetime value.

Data Audits

There’s much to be learned from your file, and the data audit is the first step. We examine responders versus non-responders, review ask testing and methodologies, look at all phases from acquisition through retention and upgrade, all online and offline channels, and then match that data against demographic and psychographic data overlaid via the NexieBase. We break your program down by each component, and then thread it back together to give us a comprehensive and detailed roadmap for a scalable, omni-channel marketing plan.



Thanks to NexieBase, we’re able to perform sophisticated modeling that can be used to improve results and achieve greater value from your marketing investment. Here are three examples of the many types of models we develop:

  • Geotargeted models identify specific geographic areas that are your best responders so that we can find, isolate, and mail specific segments of larger files, reducing costs and increasing response metrics.
  • Message-specific or seasonality models allow us to reach segments that respond particularly strongly to events, particular messages, even particular signers.
  • Response models create profiles of responders and non-responders, then apply those to prospect mail files to eliminate records unlikely to respond.

List Management and Brokerage

Audience selection is the foundation to any successful acquisition campaign. We invest heavily into analytics and strategy, allowing us to profile audience segments and make the most sophisticated list and data strategies for our clients.

Nexus Direct is a registered List Broker and acts as the List Broker and manager for all of our clients who have an acquisition program. Our approach to list brokerage strategy is based on your objectives, programmatic needs, and level of comfort for testing. Our in-house List Brokers have a detailed understanding of traditional and non-traditional data sources, creating recommendations for rental and exchange lists that are most likely to engage with your organization.

Whether it’s building a source of supplemental rental income for our clients or broadening the base of list exchanges to build a more profitable acquisition program, we can take a list management approach, which complements a dynamic audience strategy that meets, and often beats, your goals.

List Management

Data Processing and Hygiene

Nexus Direct does data processing and data hygiene in house, saving clients time and money, and increasing the effectiveness of mailings.  Through merge/purge, deduping files, creating suppression files, processing National Change of Address, and other measures, we’re able to lower postage and mailing costs, increase mailing accuracy and boost response rates.

Real-Time Campaign Reporting

Data doesn’t just describe the past, it shapes the future. By constantly monitoring results, we are able to react in real time to the latest trends in our customer or donor behavior. We have developed many data monitoring tools to track program and campaign performance — on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. These tools are totally customizable and can be tailored to integrate with other reporting tools our clients use.  


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