Production Management

Every piece of mail that arrives at a customer’s, donor’s, member’s, or ticket buyer’s home, every email received on their smartphone or tablet, every telemarketing call, every acknowledgement letter reflects our clients’ brands and reputations.

We approach production management with that in mind – knowing that every detail needs to be perfect because each piece represents our clients.

We’re control freaks — proudly and unapologetically.

Production Management Solutions


Print Buying and Lettershop Management

Our in-house staff of certified print buyers and mail house experts bring more than 25 years of experience in managing projects from start to finish. We work directly with trusted printers and lettershops to ensure our clients’ direct mail packages are produced on time, at the lowest cost, and with the highest quality. As part of our print and production bidding process, we receive a minimum of three quotes for each component on every project. Through competition and volume purchasing, we’re able to negotiate the best value for our clients.

Navigating Global Postal Regulations

Deep knowledge and long-standing personal relationships with postal authorities around the world help us stay on top of postage increases and discounts as well as postal issues ranging from government closings to inclement weather that could affect delivery and campaign performance. Whether it’s a snow storm, typhoon, truckers’ strike, or anything else that could impact delivery, our staff is tracking it and identifying work-arounds before you’re even aware it’s a problem. 


Quality Assurance

Our dedicated Quality Assurance department is the final set of eyes on every piece developed for every client. The QA team checks that each piece tracks against the initial strategy, is free from all errors, and conforms to the client’s style guide.

Regulatory Compliance

Our clients operate in an increasingly regulated environment and must be in full compliance on issues ranging from limits on political contributions to data privacy. At the beginning of our engagement with a client, we identify regulations governing their direct marketing efforts, and then not only ensure ongoing compliance, but monitor changes in those regulations so that we are always up to date.  


Informed Delivery

With this innovative service created by the post office, we can apply this strategy to your direct mail campaigns and enhance your direct mail easily and inexpensively. With Informed Delivery, you get three touchpoints all in one swoop — the physical mail piece, email, and digital ride-along content where a donor can click through to a custom landing page. Don’t hesitate to make the most of your direct mail and create lasting engagement with your donors.

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