Digital & Social Marketing

Nexus Direct’s digital team acts as the “nexus” of technical proficiency and expert digital strategy, developing results-based, omnipresent digital fundraising programs built to have a vital impact on your organization’s audience, giving power and bottom line. Whether it’s SEO, paid search, social media management, advanced email strategies, or AI and machine learning, Nexus Direct lives where innovation meets results.

Finding the right audience, at the right time, on the right channel.

Digital Solutions


Ad Grants

Google Grants allow eligible nonprofits $10,000 a month of ad spend to help increase awareness and donations. With this “free” money and our digital team’s innovative ad strategies, your organization can reach your target audience on the largest search engine in the world in new ways. From walking you through the eligibility process, to executing your first campaigns, our digital team will work closely with your organization to ensure an optimized budget and increased ROI. 

Paid Search

Whether it is Google, Bing or YouTube, whether it is Remarketing, Search or Display, the Nexus digital team will develop a digital marketing strategy that will exceed goals and conversion expectations. We will guide you through the whole process from planning to creative development to execution and reporting, so that you understand and are comfortable with where your investment is going and what your return is. 



Do you have a bright and shiny website, but are not getting the traffic you thought you would? Is your website not converting donations as intended? The team at Nexus Direct immerses themselves into a full website optimization plan that starts with an audit, followed by strategic SEO tactics such as keyword research, link building, content development, search intent and technical aspects of the website optimization process. This long-term plan and execution will help drive more relevant traffic to your site, which in turn will help drive up conversions and donations, all while optimizing budget. 

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram – we target your audience across all social platforms. Whether it is an email list or a lookalike audience, we develop a strategy that will engage the most socially relevant users and audience members, expanding your reach and generating leads. Working closely with our Creative team on visual representation, the digital team integrates creative strategy, technical ability, and a deep understanding of the analytical testing and execution that takes social media marketing to new, innovative, result-driven levels.


Digital Reputation

Sender reputation and deliverability are crucial considerations for digital marketing efforts. If emails can’t make it past the spam filter, potential responses and, consequently, revenue will be missed! Our tools and expertise allow us to ensure that email lists are kept clean and are automatically checked for spam signals. We are continuously testing to remove hard bounces and to ensure that unsubscribe features are visible and working correctly, testing across multiple platforms and devices with each campaign.


Technology is ever evolving, and email is no stranger to this concept. Our digital team stays ahead of the curve, starting trends rather than following them. With a growing understanding of available testing methods across various platforms, we at Nexus like to push the virtual envelope, all while sticking to the virtue and brand of your organization. Teaming up with our Creative Team, we develop strategies that follow the user experience from open to conversion, utilizing specialized tracking integrated into your organization’s customized digital marketing plan. 


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