Increase in new donor acquisition between 2017 and 2018


Increase in Google Ad Grant CTR in 2018


Increase in Click-to-Open rate

Filling Gaps In The Donor Journey To Increase Engagement

International Medical Corps is there, no matter where, when disaster, disease or crisis strike. They are first responders who provide emergency relief, working with locals to recover, rebuild and gain the skills and tools required for self-reliance.



International Medical Corps was struggling to develop a comprehensive donor journey, which affected their ability to bring in new donors and to reactivate current givers. They also saw a decrease in overall web traffic, bringing their online donations down year over year – which represented a decent percentage of expected revenue.



Nexus Direct conducted an extensive audit, identifying a number of gaps within the donor journey. After appending International Medical Corps’s data against the NexieBase, we discovered that the segmentation and cadence of each campaign didn’t always target the right donor, on the right channel. Additionally, lapsed donors represented 59% of the total file, including tens of thousands who had only given a single gift. This created a challenge to re-target donors outside of the mail in order to maximize investment in the program, in a cost-effective manner.



To combat the decline in revenue, we developed a comprehensive, omni-channel plan that included targeted communications to each segment. This broadened International Medical Corps’s reach by integrating multiple digital channels into each campaign effort including email, Pay Per Click, SEO and Facebook. Each DM campaign was accompanied by an online strategy in order to communicate a cohesive story. This was developed as a result of numerous tests, which were conducted to understand which imagery, tone and messaging would work best to engage donors across all channels.