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I used to say that someday I’d work at a smart and cool agency that was as passionate about their customers’ results as they were about their own. A place where clients felt certain they had a partner thinking about their business 100% of the time. That’s how Nexus Direct was born. Eight years later, the world has become digitally connected, not 24/7, but 48/7, and marketers need a new level of innovation and expertise. And they need it fast!

We hope our blog will deliver something more than the snippets of information or opinions you receive in your daily subscriptions. We want this conversation to be about provocative ideas. We agree with Oliver Wendell Holmes who once said, “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

At Nexus Direct, we grow ideas every day, and some interesting nuggets get left on the cutting room floor or are never fully explored. We want to share those and others, but the ideas expressed here are not about tactics or daily routine; they are about approach. It is about the thoughtful expression of your brand or mission. Your connection with and respect for your customers, and most importantly, their feelings about you. We care about what you are doing today to motivate your audience to respond — and what you are doing every day to encourage an ongoing connection.

Your ROI is driven by how your audience feels about you. Marketers today should dedicate at least as much time to their customer relationships as they do to reviewing their key performance indicators. Cash flow is critical, and increasing revenue is a non–negotiable reality. But you must first care for your customers’ needs before your revenue will grow.


By: Suzanne Cole Nowers