June 15, 2017 @ The National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

We invite you to attend a special Masterclass on what it takes to attain FUNDRAISING EXCELLENCE. This acclaimed Masterclass — entitled ‘MAKE AN IMPACT’ — is specifically aimed at fundraising organizations that either want or need to start achieving better results.

Taking place on June 15, 2017, the Masterclass will be hosted by global fundraising specialist Alan Clayton — a force for both rapid and dramatic change and growth within fundraising organizations.

The challenge of engaging our audience is a constant one. We know we have to evolve our strategy to avoid being lost in the melee, but how do we reach out and truly connect with the people we want to engage?


No matter the impediments that your organization is facing, this Masterclass will teach you how to unite your organization to drive exceptional fundraising performance.


  • How others have managed to achieve great fundraising.
  • How to understand donors’ needs.
  • How Making An Impact can drive your organization’s mission, and vice
  • versa.
  • How to unite organizations behind the scenes and make them proud of their fundraising.
  • How to generate investment in fundraising, and what this investment can achieve.
  • How your leadership and inspiration drives fundraising performance.
  • How to support a continuous learning culture as the secret to innovation and growth.
  • How to find the single proposition that unites and drives your organization.
  • How to make decisions on the brand, proposition, and messaging that drives great fundraising.
  • How to have a whole-organization fundraising culture.
  • How to get all departments to support fundraising.
  • How to focus your fundraising and stand out in a crowded market.
  • And a whole lot more …


The content of the Make An Impact Masterclass is formed by a unique mix of academic research and case studies, with particular reference to the Great Fundraising Report, which you can download from http://www.alanclayton.co.uk. Attending this in-depth, exclusive Masterclass will leave you with a list of ‘must-do’ actions to be implemented immediately on your return. The learning style is layered-design learning. This mixes lectures and case studies with group work and hands-on ‘learn-by-doing’ exercises. It is beneficial for a person to attend on their own or as part of a group.


You may be a fundraiser, but you are definitely a leader. This seminar is for chief executives, executive team members, trustees, directors and heads of fundraising, or anyone tasked with bringing innovation and change to your organization.

Ambitious fundraisers who want to be future leaders are very welcome, too. Seats are limited, and early registration is recommended.

Registration is now closed, but if you are looking for another great event like this one please connect with us!